Welcome to studios. This is a archival website of this once infamous hot spot on the Lower East side of Manhattan. From 2005 to 2010.

Welcome to studios. This is the official web archive of from 2005-2010. Artist- Aaron M Thompson, Musician – Gaby Savransky, and Rock Critic and Writer – Mark Lepage hosted 30 events in this underground labyrinth of light and Art. Homed in the heart of the Lower East side of Manhattan. Creating a community of Artist’s, Performers, Writers and Musician’s. Plus offering After School Painting programs to neighborhood kids. It’s was a magical time in the Lower East side. This website has the whole collection of studios in photography and video. That was created during it’s 5 years existence.

Working and living amid the ferment of the Lower East Side of New York, visual artist Aaron M Thompson is a new incarnation of the “artist engagé,” reflecting, critiquing and affecting the culture and politics of our conflicted, climactic times. War, death, censorship, sexuality, dreams, rock’n’roll – Thompson’s work challenges our perceptions of these major issues.

He created studios to be a inspirational environment for this type of creativity. Hosting other Artist’s besides himself to push the envelope in all mediums.He had staged multiple group and solo exhibits at studios, his unique outdoor urban art space, featuring mural paintings, sculpture, mixed media and artistic illumination.

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Before Trader Joe’s, Target, and Marshall’s… The Lower East side was a hot bed of creativity and talent. The rough on the edges “LES” housed Artist’s for many decades. With gentrification the change of the neighborhood has gone on for many years. The Lower East side has become a white washed capitalistic version of it’s self. Devoid of creativity and color. It’s become home to young professionals instead of young creatives now.

You can preview and purchase studios: a retrospective (2005-2010) by Aaron Thompson and Mark Lepage on just follow this link: studios- a restrospective 2005-2010

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