Street photo by Aaron M Thompson, LES,NYC ©2005


Looking Down on to in the Lower East side, NYC ©2006


Xanadu Moons in Tompkins Square Park, East Village, NYC ©2005


Xanadu Moons, Tompkins Square Park, East Village, NYC ©2005

IMG_4182 studios, Lower East side, NYC ©2008


Dianne Bowen working on Wire studios ©2008


The World Famous Jamaican Lounge, studios ©2007


It's All Good by Dianne Bowen and Aaron M Thompson- Orchard Street, Lower East side, NYC ©2006

Di and I March of the Toadstools

March of the Toadstools, studios- Dietch Project's Art Parade, SOHO, NYC ©2006


Liberty or Death-Tales of the Grog and Scrod by Aaron M Thompson and Mark Lepage, studios, LES, NYC ©2009


My Burning Heart by Aaron M Thompson- Lower East side, NYC ©2000

461478-6 bumperstick logo by Aaron M Thompson ©2005

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Welcome to studios. This is a archival website of this once infamous hot spot on the Lower East side of Manhattan. From 2005 to 2010.

Progressive. Urban. Artist: Aaron M Thompson, a bold new vision for our time.

Working and living amid the ferment of the Lower East Side of New York, visual artist Aaron M Thompson is a new incarnation of the “artist engagé,” reflecting, critiquing and affecting the culture and politics of our conflicted, climactic times. War, death, censorship, sexuality, dreams, rock’n’roll – Thompson’s work challenges our perceptions of these major issues.

His bold, bluntly physical, even lurid style is an intuitive, conflation of ritualistic, religious and profoundly American influences into a hallucinogenic new vision. Thompson’s work fuses the divine, the quixotic and the demotic.

He has staged multiple solo exhibits in studios, his unique outdoor urban art space, featuring mural paintings, sculpture, mixed media and artistic illumination.

Equally in his element – and effective – in the gallery and the street, his work has been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Savannah, Ga., and Omaha, Nebraska. He has joined in group shows at such innovative, taste-making venues as La Mama La Galleria, Ridge Street Gallery, Antagonist Art Movement, Elura Enterprises, Art Gotham-Chelsea, AIR Gallery- Chelsea, Artists Space- SOHO, Flux Factory, Three Columns Gallery- Harvard, Mass., Chashama Gallery- ELC and Friends, ABC No Rio, Musee de Mononian, and the Opus Gallery.

This website will have the whole studios archive from Artist’s, Events, Projects and After School projects we hosted.

Before Trader Joe’s, Target, and Marshall’s… The Lower East side was a hot bed of creativity and talent. The rough on the edges “LES” housed Artist’s for many decades. Before becoming out of price range for most creatives.

You can preview and purchase studios: a retrospective by Aaron Thompson and Mark Lepage on just follow this link: studios- a restrospective 2005-2010

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