“Mind-f-Art”, by Dmitry Gubin and SEN ONE at art.les.nyc studios

New York, NY – art.les.nyc studios and GANJ1 are excited to announce “Mind-f-Art” – a collaborative show with artists SEN ONE and Dmitry Gubin on Friday, August 22rd at 7pm till midnight. Located at 202 Rivington Street between Ridge and Pitt Streets , the evening will examine the political strife concerning the current state of our country, and the title, “Mind-f-Art” calls on the condition of our political conscious. The show will feature new work by both artists, as well as a joint collaborative piece.  

SEN ONE’s fascination for art started early on when he witnessed the rolling canvas otherwise known as the subway system of New York City. Growing up in both NYC and New Jersey he was presented with various styles and concepts, which he interpreted visually. He has been involved in various exhibitions including Art@Large Gallery in New York, NY; ElevenTen Gallery in Brooklyn, NY; Sputnik Gallery in Brooklyn, NY; Rocket Salon Gallery in Washington, D.C.; Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, NY; and the Halcyon Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. In 2007 he was nominated for Best Freestyle for his Visual Caffeine episodes at the 5th H2O Odyssey Film Festival. 

Dmitry Gubin was born on October 6, 1975 in Kharkov, USSR (now Ukraine). His father, a Jewish dissident artist, was the first to introduce Dmitry to art and was responsible for Dmitry’s initial art education. After receiving a refugee status Dmitry and his family have immigrated to the US in 1989. Gubin’s recent shows include the International Visions Gallery in Washington D.C. in 2007, and Brooklyn’s Kush Gallery and Fillmore Gallery in 2006.  

The evening will also feature live performances by singer/songwriter  Dev Jana, and San Francisco based artist, GANJ1. As usual at art.les.nyc studios, The Tiki Bar located in the Jamaican Lounge will be full stocked with Grog-n-Scrod Sangria and a selection of beers and water for a humble suggested donation price.  

For more information on SEN ONE, visit: www.viscaff.com

For more information on Dmitry Gubin, visit: www.granddaddyfilms.com


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