MY VIEWPOINT SUMMER 2008 studios Hosts “My Viewpoint – A Creative Arts Program Fundraiser”

JULY 21,2008

New York, NY – This Friday. July 25th at 7PM, will host “My Viewpoint”, a creative arts program fundraiser. Located at 202 Rivington Street, between Ridge and Pitt Streets, “My Viewpoint” will be a night to benefit five artists as they volunteer at the Cheyenne River Reservation, to bring spoken word and creative writing instruction to the youth as they teach and share their art forms.

The night will feature artist Tony Santana, with his opening night show “Looking for Honesty” at studios, as well at artwork by Emily Schiffer and Keisha Scarville. The fundraiser will also host live performances by indigenous spoken word artist Tiokasin Ghostrider, singer/guitarist/filmmaker Gustavo Rodriguez, singer/songwriter Raegan Truax, Spok’N Truth artist Monique Jarvis, cabaret and opera singer Ricardo Perez-Gonzalez, and the band Particular Gentlemen.

As usual at studios, The Tiki Bar located in the Jamaican Lounge will be full stocked with Grog-n-Scrod Sangria and a selection of beers and water. A five-dollar donation will be appreciated at the door, but a $10 donation will get you three complimentary drinks at the bar, and $20 will get you unlimited drinks all night!

What initially began as a photography program for youth on the Cheyenne River Reservation (South Dakota) is now blossoming into a grassroots youth arts program focusing on empowering youth there with a wide spectrum of visual and performing arts skills. Founded in 2005 by photographer Emily Schiffer, “MY VIEWPOINT CREATIVE ARTS PROGRAM” has served over 90 students, aged 6-20.

To find out more about MY Viewpoint Creative Arts Program, visit: