Xanadu Moons by Aaron M Thompson- September 2005

Xanadu Moons, Art in Odd Places and Arteries- HOWL Festival 2005 Tompkins Square Park, East Village NYC

      Xanadu Moons, is a project that consists of 17 self-contained solar powered moons to be placed in the tree across from the sound stage area in Tompkin’s Square Park. The colorful moons will hang under the foliage area of the tree to glorify and highlight this magnificent tree. The light fixtures will charge during the day and automatically illuminate at dusk for eight hours. They are created in a manner that makes them both weather and fire resistant.

     The prototypes are designed to hang by airline cable that will wrap around the branches without damaging the tree. The cable can withstand 300 lbs. of pressure and will stabilize the moons from any strong winds. The project creates a type of universe with-in the tree itself. I want the viewer to stand under the tree and look up with amazement and awe.  Xanadu will spark the idea of creation from the universe and humankind. 

    The moons will be three different sizes. The Small is 12″ in diameter, the Medium is 14″ in diameter, and the Large is 16″ in diameter. These  sizes were chosen so that the installation would not over-power the tree, but would instead enhance the tree’s natural beauty. a hydraulic lift is needed in order to place the moons in the tree, without hurting the trees infrastructure. 
     This project has great meaning for me. Xanadu, would be my company’s first public art work. I created art.les.nyc studios to fund public art projects, through the sale of clothing and other merchandise.

Also as a new member of FEVA, I would like to become a major participant within the organization.

This project also has a  deeper emotional intent for me. If I receive permission for Xanadu, the project will be dedicated to a good friend that passed away this winter, Nancy Patterson. Nancy was a long-time East Village resident. She was much loved in our community and known for her hand-made pottery as well as a popular bartender in several East Village establishments . I feel this project would help the grieving process for she was very popular with local residents. as a memorial to Nancy, Xanadu will bring our community together to grieve for our loss. She was an inspiration to me both artistically and personally and she is definitely missed very much by many people.